• Guidance of premedical students in understanding the admission procedures, entrance test, and the relevant.

  • Guidance of medical students throughout their medical education, by providing advise when required, and by providing study aid material in electronic format, in collaboration with the faculty at KEMU, Lahore.

  • Guidance of medical students in post graduate courses

  • Research Section - Guidance and mentoring of research projects for interested Kemcolians. This will include guidance on proposal writing, funding, questionnaire development and research designs, data collection and analysis, and report writing.

  • E-Alert and SMS Alert service for Kemcolians. Tips and guidance messages personalized for each session.

  • Helping the poor & needy patients in getting the proper treatment


  • Membership previleges: Access to restricted areas of the website, personalized @tsdocs.org email address, special discounts to TSDocs products at KEMCAANA Labs, free or discounted participation in academic seminars and workshops.

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